Lydia Chan understands the life of caregiving for another. After her mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and she found herself struggling to balance the responsibilities of caregiving and her own life. She is the co-creator of Alzheimer’s Caregiver, a website that aims to provide tips and resources to help caregivers. 

If Your Senior Loved One Is In Need Of Assisted Living, Here Are Expert Tips You Can Use

Broaching the subject of assisted living with your loved one (especially a parent) is never an easy conversation. Due to common misconceptions about life in assisted living, as well as actual stories of poorly run facilities on the news, the idea of this type of living arrangement can cause fear and anxiety. On top of this, many older adults feel as though they are surrendering their independence when moving into assisted care.

As a trusted family member, you have the power to help your loved one break through these concerns, and show them that life in assisted living can be far more enjoyable than they ever thought possible. The expert team with The Landings at Reed Station Crossing shares top tips for successfully discussing the sensitive subject of moving to assisted living.

Demonstrate active listening and sensitivity at all times

 The absolute best thing that you can do when bringing up the idea of moving into assisted care is to practice active listening and show compassion. If you’ve made up your mind that this is the only solution for your loved one and refuse to hear their point of view, the conversation won’t go anywhere. In fact, this approach can lead to hurt feelings and a damaged relationship.

Enter the conversation by considering how your loved one is feeling at this stage of their life. Not only are they experiencing significant health issues, but they will soon have to move away from their home. Show compassion and care, and aim to be their support and strength.

Prepare for strong emotions

Although you may certainly hope for a calm and rational discussion, your loved one may be feeling too many emotions to hold them all back. Prepare for the possibility of your parent or family member becoming angry, tearful, or withdrawn. They may even make it seem as though they are upset with you when they are in fact upset about their current life situation.

If met with strong emotions, do your best to stay calm and composed. Do not become reactive, and do not take their words personally.

Explain the benefits of various assisted living options

When you and your family member are in a place where a calm discussion is possible, begin reviewing some of the best assisted living options available in your area. Some seniors may have an outdated idea of what assisted care looks like. Be sure to show them pictures of facilities that offer numerous amenities — including walking paths, social gatherings, quality dining, and much more. If your loved one resides in or around Carbondale, Illinois, consider the assisted living options at The Landings at Reed Station Crossing. Our facility offers luxury accommodations, as well as many premium amenities.

Discuss how affordable the transition can be when selling their current home

Another large hurdle in moving to assisted living is paying for one’s accommodations. Because so much goes into a quality care facility, these prices can often seem high at first glance.

If your loved one is concerned about the cost of assisted living, explain that the sale of their existing home can often cover these costs for years to come. Even as COVID-19 is still an obstacle in the home-selling process, real estate teams now offer virtual open houses and live chat tours, as well as immersive 3D walkthroughs.

While the idea of discussing assisted living with a loved one may seem daunting, it is ultimately for their well-being and safety. Keeping this goal in mind can help you even further with the process of moving your family member into a top-quality facility.

The Landings at Reed Station Crossing provides luxury assisted and independent living for seniors 55 and over. Situated in Carbondale, Illinois, our community offers premier amenities — including an on-site restaurant, a lake, and more. Learn more about our living options today.